Warning: this is about politics, specifically, what is the basis for and source of my political views. I chose to let you know that right in the title, but I’m also stressing it here at the outset so that there will be no mistake. If you don’t want to read about my politics, then don’t read on; stop right here. And for that matter, you probably will want to avoid my next several blogs.

If you do read on, bear in mind that these are my views. You may see this posted to my Facebook page, or maybe shared on someone else’s. Of course, I’ll be happy if you happen to agree with me, but my views won’t change if you don’t. You may be someone I’ve known for years, you may be an old friend or even family, and if we disagree, I will admittedly be disappointed. But that won’t change my views. I can care about you and love you and still disagree with you, and still retain my beliefs and convictions.

So, my views expressed herein are my convictions, and they are not up for debate. This is my blog on my website, and will also be posted to my Facebook news feed, but that doesn’t mean I’m looking for input to change my thinking. I’m not interested in debate. If you try to comment on my page to counter these views of mine, I will delete your comments.

Does that seem too rigid to you? Do I come across as obstinate, stubborn or inflexible for taking such a stance? Well, if it helps you to dismiss me, you can think of it that way. I would prefer to say I’m steadfast and uncompromising, but you will judge me as you will. But that still won’t be any incentive to change me. Here’s why…

I’m a Christian, and I vote in ways that do not compromise my convictions. And my convictions are based on the Bible. I believe the Bible to be the written record of God’s revelation of Himself and His will to mankind. I believe that fundamental principles pertaining to faith and conduct are laid down in Scripture, teachings that directly address morals and issues of life today. I will always vote consistent with those convictions.

How that applies to supporting candidates and party affiliation I will address in my next blog.