My friends and loved ones already know this about me, and probably most following me on Facebook. But I’m going to post this here anyway, since it will help get the word out, and…well, because I can. To steal…uh, appropriate…make that “borrow” a phrase, “It’s my web page, and I can post if I want to.” (Is anyone else hearing Lesley Gore in their head right now?)

I am a guitarist/singer available for wedding/event/restaurant entertainment in the Greater Corpus Christi area. I perform a wide range of musical genres, ranging from CCM to pop/jazz standards to Folk to classic & contemporary Country to classic Rock.

I’ve performed in Corpus Christi and its environs for years. I currently play weekly for retirement centers, and an area restaurant. In addition, I’ve played wedding receptions, local coffee shops, events/mixers, private parties, fund raisers, etc. I’ve played in the past in duo and trio configurations, occasionally still do, but now I primarily perform solo.

(The pics below are from gigs: at a wedding reception in Orange Grove, coffee shops in Corpus, private engagements for the Corpus Christi Birth Center and a family’s reunion in Sinton, & as a guest artist on the South Texas Opry show. As I learn how to do it–which also means when Beth’s got the time to help me–I will add some videos of my performances.)

Contact me if interested. If you know of someone that might be looking for some musical entertainment at their event, please Share this post with them. Thanks.

cropped-LarryG.jpgLGO at CCBC gig - 2Me at Anna's wedding reception, June 2009Me at the South Texas Opry, April 2010 - 5